Our Vision

Some might call it being bound to our passions. Others might refer to it as an obsessive compulsion. We only know it as the one way to do things. Modernism, building, and making are in our blood. Our vision is what modern home building can be. Our drive is to make that vision a reality.

Our Mission

Our roots lay in the land and water that all of our lives have surrounded us. As natives of the Pacific Northwest, we are inspired by the myriad of powerful rivers, towering mountains, and dense forests that we live amongst and the constant change it goes through due to ever-cycling weather patterns. Our mission is to connect and integrate our living spaces into our natural surroundings and do it with wonder and a view toward the future.

Our Approach

Our vision is to explore the future of what modern home design can be. We understand that this journey is one we cannot travel alone. As a result, we often team up with bleeding-edge architects and architectural firms to explore modern design.

Our Team

We’re a small team of builders—crafts humans—designers—laborers with a vision of what the future of modern home design and building can be. We are licensed in OR 208837 and WA TIETOHL839NU.

Ryan Zygar


Ryan is an award-winning developer and builder who is passionate about exploring the intersections between construction, design, and architecture.

More About Ryan »

Elias Castrapel

Project Coordinator / Site Supervisor

Julie Pierce

Project Engineer / Design Enthusiast

Hunter Key

Project Manager

Arthur Akkord

Site Assistant / Laborer

Monica McKay

Administrative Assistant / Support


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